Is an Attic Conversion Right for your Home?

November 23, 2018 Attic Remodeling, Home Improvement

If you are looking to create some more space in your home, an attic conversion could be the perfect place to use! Often time homes have lots of additional space in the attic but the area goes unfinished and unused.

But why? Most homeowners who have undergone an attic conversion have no regrets—remodeling an attic gets a Joy Score of 9.5, a rating where 10 is the highest score for those who were happy and satisfied with their remodeling project.

Unfortunately, even though an attic remodel is always a smart money move, it may not be a practical choice.

What goes into an Attic Remodel?

To determine if an attic conversion is right for you, you must consider building codes, support structures, access, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.

Attics must have proper ceiling room, square footage, and follow joist and egress codes. The structural framing can also determine what kind of space you can create. Rafters general provide a center open space that you can easily remodel, but trusses can pose issues as they support the roof and cannot easily be removed.

You most likely also want accessible heating, air, electrical, and in some cases, plumbing. Making sure your house is equipped to easily extend these to your attic can be determined by a professional remodeling contractor.

An attic addition also requires a standard staircase to meet code. It can take up some initial square footage on the main floor, but the additional space may be worth it.

How to Achieve the Attic Conversion of your Dreams

The one thing we can recommend is involving a professional such as Omaha Remodeling Associates. Attic conversions have lots of variables, but if done properly, can be oh so worth it! Trying to achieve an attic remodel yourself can end up more costly that before.

In addition, Omaha Remodeling Associates offer financing to make your home improvement projects affordable. We also work directly with clients from inception and design and through every phase of the remodeling project to successful completion.

We don’t want you to shy away from remodeling your attic, we just want to make sure it is done right; just the way you want it!

If you are interested in finding out if your attic is a good fit for a conversion and requesting an estimate, fill out our online form or call us at 402-510-3326.