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Accessibility Remodeling

Home Access as it says, is “the ability to get into your home” and, once you are in your home, the ability to get around. Many may think this is silly until a friend or family member that has special needs is visiting and they can’t get to your front door or into your bathroom when necessary.

Accessibility Remodeling for Your Home

Universal Designs make this problem obsolete but most homes in the Midwest don’t have access to the front door or through the garage let alone into a small bath down a narrow hallway. It is possible to modify many homes to be accessible. People imagine a ramp or other accommodations that are often not very attractive, but that isn’t always necessary. We can make accessibility in your home functional and beautiful.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has any one in your family gone to get an elderly family member for a special holiday and someone must physically pick them up and carry them into the house?
  • Has anyone in your family had surgery or an injury that does not allow them to use stairs?
  • Does anyone in your family need a walker or wheelchair?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then making your home accessible is a must. A low cost home assessment will be the way to begin to determine what can be done to make your home accessible.

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicapped Accessibility is needed to allow those with special needs to gain access to homes and businesses. Omaha Remodeling Associates are an ADA certified contractor, as the ADA has wonderful general guidelines for public buildings and many of them can be adapted for home use as well.

We have been modifying homes for over 18 years for Handicapped Accessibility both on a temporary basis or a permanent basis depending on the needs.

Some of our accessibility remodeling includes:

  • Handicap accessible bathroom remodels
    • handicap showers/wheelchair accessible shower stalls
    • handicap tubs/walk in bathtubs
    • grab bars
  • Entry way accessibility and wheelchair ramps
    • An entrance does not always need to look handicap-accessible. By varying the grade of the ground up to the entry we can often achieve a standard entry look.
  • Barrier Free Doors
  • Modified kitchen remodels

If the need has arrived to modify your home or you expect the need to arise soon, please contact us for a low-cost home assessment.

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