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Shoffice (Shed Office)

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All the benefits of working from home PLUS the benefits of an office away from home.

A friend of mine told me a story recently about how much she hated it when her husband worked from home. He needed a completely quiet place to concentrate and have phone calls. She was trying to raise three children and keep the house running, which meant running loud appliances and wrangling small children. Any of you who have tried to work from home know how difficult it can sometimes be. But you can have all the benefits of working from home without having to go to Starbucks every day with a new shoffice.

If you’re new to the term, a shoffice is an office in a structure (like a shed) on the homeowner’s property. Generally, the needs for a shoffice are pretty modest so they can be very small structures. And sometimes they are pretty cool looking, too. shows come pretty neat examples of a shoffice here.

At Omaha Remodeling Associates LLC, we’ve recently had a lot more requests for these types of structures and we really enjoy creating them.

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