Why Winter is a Great Time to Remodel

December 18, 2018 Home Improvement

It may seem weird to start a home improvement project in December. Generally, you see home remodeling projects happening in the spring and summer. However, planning to do your home renovation project during the winter months can have its advantages!

Let’s check out 4 reasons you should consider a home remodeling project this winter:

1. Remodeling Contractor Availability

Spring and summer are the busiest times for contractors. The warmer weather and longer days make people in a rush to take advantage of it all. General contractors are often juggling multiple home remodeling projects at once.

However, in the winter months, things really tend to slowdown. Yet, we’re not sure why! We do understand not wanting your home under construction during the holidays, but with them all nearly behind us, Omaha Remodeling Associates sees no reason to wait on your home improvement projects.

Also, with the likelihood of remodeling contractors having less work during winter, that often means more concentration and focus on your project.

2. Better Inventory

With less home remodeling projects going on during the winter, items are far less likely to be flying off the shelves. Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually had what you wanted in stock for once? Well, you’re much better off looking during the winter.

In addition, picking out items for your home remodel is something Omaha Remodeling Associates want to make sure you always have a hand in. You can come to any appointment and make sure the materials and appliances are something you pick and not us.

3. Faster Approval Time

General contractors aren’t the only ones acting a bit slower during the winter months- those working in government offices are a little less busy as well. This means getting your permits for the go-ahead on your next home remodeling project can get started that much faster.

4. Find Winter Discounts

Most things do go on sale for the off season, don’t they? Well why wouldn’t it be the same for home remodeling projects? Both contractors and manufacturers know things run a bit slower once the weather is colder, so they try to offer discounts to continue to bring clients and customers. This is often the time you can find the best deals!

Winter Home Remodeling Ideas:

Some projects to consider during the winter months include; basement finishing or basement remodel, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodel, living room remodel, and even room additions! If you are interested in starting a home remodeling project soon, contact us online or call us at 402-510-3326.